Email Hosting in 2018: What You Should Know

Email hosting has long been around. Many people may not be aware of this, however, most email users rely on free email services like Gmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo! similarity. However, businesses and professionals want to see email hosting because this may have some impact in the business sector. What changes are expected to affect email hosting in 2018? If you are planning to receive email hosting in 2018, what should you know about?

Why Receive Payment Email Hosting

Before anything else, it is important to understand why there are people who want their own custom email. Why would they want to leave Gmail’s feature-rich and tested email services? The reason mainly boils down to: reliability building, branding, and under complete control.

Business and professionals want to take it seriously. After placing an email address, the company that owns the domain name is one of the ways to promote reliability. It is logical that receiving domain names and web hosts is not free. A business that invests in its email hosting is most likely to do business seriously.

On the other hand, there is an email address with a suffix that is the use of your business website URL, it is a great way for people to make your business easy to remember. This is a way to promote your brand name exclusively.

In addition, your own email system is guaranteed that you have full control over it. Running your own email server with your own domain server can not be a simple process; But by doing so, you get full control of your email. This means that you decide on the amount of storage and the facilities used for it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The benefit of email hosting is, in essence, mostly due to the reasons for receiving the above discussed email hosting. It’s about establishing credibility, pushing your brand name and being in full control.

When it comes to losses in running your own email server, many of them also have to keep in mind. For one, email servers are complicated. Common email servers include the use of many software components. The more functions you want, the more software you need to deal with. These include mail transfer agents, mail delivery agents, IMAP or POP3 servers, as well as antivirus and spam filters.

In addition, it takes time to maintain an email server. You need to constantly monitor the rules set for your spam filter and virus protection system. Also, you must ensure that all your software components are to ensure that everything is working properly and that your system is adequately protected.

These advantages and disadvantages have actually not changed a lot for years. In 2018, these will have the same advantages and disadvantages for which you have to weigh because you want to get your own email system or not.

Things to see in an email hosting service in 2018

If you decide that you really want your email server, make sure to check the following features.

● Required protocols – To keep email flexibility, you must be able to provide IMAP / POP and SMTP access to the email hosting company you have selected. IMAP and POP (POP3) are the protocols needed to access email. IMAP is generally considered as a better protocol because it is very good to access email through several devices, some email users are probably doing something. The emphasis from the UK email hosting provider LCN, “IMAP is the preferred way of getting mails on desktops, tablets and smartphones.” With POP, emails are downloaded to a device and the server copy is deleted, so only one device can access the email received. On the other hand, SMTP is essential for email delivery.

● Security – With constant emphasis, your email system should be safe. Thus, you should get an email hosting service provider that comes with virus protection and firewall features. This is also an advantage if the email hosting service provider offers TLS encryption.

● Spam protection – This is a basic feature that should be included in email hosting services. Check that the spam protection system provided is reliable and efficient.

● Email filtering – Separate from spam filtering, email filtering has the ability to organize or separate your emails according to the rules you set. This feature lets you receive emails like you receive them or sort the email you received.

● Customer service – As stated, installing and maintaining your email server can be a complex and difficult process. You do not want hiccups or mistakes to make things even more difficult, especially if you have managed to handle everything yourself. You need to make sure that your questions, complaints and concerns will be addressed immediately.

● Other features – Other features worth considering are autoresponder, email forwarding and webmail. Auto responders allows you to send automated replies to emails received based on some triggers. Email forwarding is a feature that lets you forward the email received from an email address to another email address. This means that if you want to receive an email using a different email address, then you do not have to switch to a new email account. On the other hand, Webmail makes it possible to access your inbox using a web browser, which basically happens when you use the web-based interface of free email services.

Fewer email hosting companies can provide most of these facilities. Despite the location of your location or hosting company, most companies provide similar services. You can find a UK email hosting service provider, for example, with a package that includes TLS encryption, auto responder, email forwarding, spam filtering, user-friendly control panel, webmail and 24/7 support.

In 2018, the above mentioned features may be considered necessary, especially if your intended email users are accustomed to the features offered by popular free email services like Gmail. For comparison, here’s a computation of some of the top features of Gmail: Email forwarding, spam filtering, encryption, webmail, POP3 and IMAP, and the ability to install plugins. You can install an autoresponder plugin for Gmail, as well as the ability to send emails according to schedule (for example Boomerang plugin). Perhaps, the only thing in which it lacks is the ability to add your domain name. It would be good to use these features as your guide because you evaluate the features of the email hosting service you are considering.

Is It Better to Use Enterprise Editions of Free Email Services?

It can be said that if you want to avoid difficult procedures and difficult maintenance to maintain your own email server, then you can only use the Enterprise / Business Edition of the email services you are already using Are there. This way, you can change your email address to a server that bows your domain name without passing through difficult tasks to set up and maintain the server.

However, there are some email hosting companies that can help you set up your email server easily. If you find a company that provides a well-qualified and adjusted technical support with a good range of features, then setting up things and maintaining your email server can not be difficult.


Again, there are not many changes in how the email hosting work works in 2018 compared to the recent years. If you are thinking of receiving an email hosting service, then you have to make sure that it is reliable and has the essential features in it. As much as possible, most of these email users are accustomed to using these features, especially those people being introduced by widely used email services such as Gmail.

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Email Hosting in 2018: What You Should Know
Article Name
Email Hosting in 2018: What You Should Know
Email hosting has long been around. Many people may not be aware of this, however, most email users rely on free email services like Gmail,

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