All about Ad Scheduling and Quality Score

Ad Scheduling

One can adjust the bids for specific days and times. Thus, when the individual is spending different time on the ad, the bids for the same could be different. The overall daily budget won’t change. For scheduling the ads the following steps have to be followed:
1. Sign in to the AdWords account.
2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top
3. Under all campaigns, click the name of the campaign to be scheduled.
4. Click the settings tab, then click the ad schedule.
5. Locate the row for the scheduled time that you want to adjust and click the cell in the Bid adj column.
6. Choose increase by or decrease by from the drop down and enter a number
7. Click save.

Modifiers like time effective offers, device modifiers, attribution management are the most common modifiers which help in automatic changing the bids on the basis of many factors like geography, time of day, mobile devices, age, gender etc.

Quality Score

Quality Score is used to determine the ranked order of ads that appear for any given search result and is meant to balance the desire of advertisers to always have their ads above everyone else’s ads as long as they are willing to pay for it with the needs of searchers who are looking for relevant search results for both paid ads and organic search results.

Factors determining Quality Score:
1. CTR (Click through Rate) – Google takes account the overall historic CTR of the whole AdWords and in addition the historical CTR of the display URLs in the ad group. Ads were sorted in descending order.
2. Advertisement copy relevance – Having an ad copy that contains the keyword will definitely have a higher quality score than ads having ad copy but does not have the keyword.
3. Landing page quality – Landing page quality refers to the page contains relevance and original content and navigability of the webpage.
4. Landing page load time – Quality score depends upon the speed during which the landing page loads for the client, minimum load speed is negative o optimize.
5. Geographical Conditions – The place where the ad will be shown impacts quality score that means geographical region plays a vital role in bringing quality score.

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